Museon is now Museon-Omniversum

On 1 January 2022, Museon and Omniversum merged into Museon-Omniversum.

With the advantage that from now on one ticket gives access to both the Omniversum and the Museon. Besides our exhibitions and activities you can now also watch a spectacular big screen movie for just a little bit more. Come and enjoy a complete and inspiring day out. We look forward to welcoming you and please bring your family, grandparents or friends. You are most welcome!


Buy a ticket for Museon-Omniversum here.
For an extra € 1.- you can reserve a big screen movie at the time of your choice. This is not obligatory, you can also choose a film when you arrive at the Museon-Omniversum. In that case you do not pay any reservation costs. Seat allocation is then based on availability.

Unique movie experience

Be inspired and watch a breathtaking film in our unique big-screen movie theatre Omniversum. Watch our newest film Dinosaur of the South Pole. Dive into the mighty underwater world of Oceans, our blue planet. Or immerse yourself in the magical world of Wild Canada.

What is there to do in the Museon now?

Admire the temporary photo exhibition National Geographic Spectacle and see the winning photos of De Groene Camera 2021. Learn all about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in the One Planet Expo. Take a look at the complete list of exhibitions and theme rooms, because there is much more to experience.

What to expect soon?

Keep an eye on our website and socials, because there is much more to come! Behind the scenes, Museon-Omniversum is working hard on the completely new total experience One Planet, the national impact and knowledge centre for a sustainable future. One Planet shows how beautiful the earth is and what we can do together to protect our planet. One Planet opens its doors at the end of April. You will read more about this shortly.


Please contact or or call 070 3381355 or 070 3545454.

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