Exhibition | Sun 27 Sep 2020 - Sun 16 May 2021

The Green Camera

Nature photography from Belgium and the Netherlands

De Groene Camera is an initiative of Natuurfotografie Magazine and PiXFACTORY in collaboration with the Museon. The aim of these organisations is to promote nature photography and bring it to the attention of a broader audience.

Impressive landscapes, animals in action, colourful insects and artistic images are part of the exposition.

The "Green Camera"

Nature photography plays an important role in strengthening - whether or not unconsciously - the awareness that our nature is beautiful and special and therefore is something to care for. This idea was the motivation of the initiators Jan Vermeer and Daan Schoonhoven leading to the creation of the photography contest the Green Camera. The Green Camera distinguishes itself by only accepting photos taken in the Netherlands or Belgium. Schoonhoven says: "It is a very conscious choice to only accept photos from these countries. First of all, we would like to highlight our nature and show its diversity and beauty. Secondly, it is fairer for the participating photographers because you don't have to compare lions and toucans to a robin or a deer".

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