Exhibition | Permanent

Satellites - so close, so far


A permanent exhibition about satellites.


In the exhibition room Satellites - so close so far, you can now touch the moon! The city of The Hague received this moon rock on loan from NASA and it is one of the few pieces of moon in the world that may  be touched!


Between the stars you will suddenly see a dot moving slowly. Sometimes it moves quickly, sometimes slowly, sometimes it flashes between the stars. And after a few minutes it disappears back into the cloudy atmosphere or in the shadow of Earth itself. That is all we can see of satellites.

In our daily lives satellites play such an imperceptible role that we actually trust that they are always working. If communication satellites would disappear, rally drivers in the desert or lonely mountaineers wouldn’t be able to use their satellite phones. If the TV satellites fail, we would immediately miss a number of favorite channels. And if the swarm of GPS satellites are lost ... would you still be able to read a map?



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