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One Planet

One Planet

The key to a peaceful, just and secure world is a fair distribution of food, water and energy, and the acceptance of differences in cultural identity. ONE PLANET is about challenges and new social science advances in this area. The United Nations’ seventeen Sustainable Development Goals provide the starting point for the exhibition.

ONE PLANET challenges visitors to reflect on current issues and offers inspiration in the quest for solutions. ONE PLANET lets you discover the world, think up solutions and be a hero on your planet

The world population is growing, technology is advancing at lightning speed, we are all travelling more and most of us are almost permanently online. All this means that we are more and more one world. At the same time, we are increasingly aware of our influence on nature and climate, and of the great importance of our natural world. The United Nations is keen to use sustainable solutions to tackle the greatest global challenges. To do this, it has formulated 17 Sustainable Development Goals that it aims to achieve by 2030.

The Museon has used these 17 goals as the starting point for One Planet. Themes include: over-fishing, water pollution, energy, refugees, climate change and discrimination. The goals are addressed in 17 displays, using text, pictures, interactivity and items from the collection. Each theme is a challenge facing the whole world but the display links it to the Netherlands, so that visitors can compare the situation ‘here’ and ‘there’.

One Planet is an exciting and fun-filled educational exhibition for the whole family with many interactive elements offering visitors an entertaining way to find out how we can work together to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for the planet.

The Sint-Jans-Lyceum made a nice video about their visit to One Planet:

More information about the exhibition.

Speciaal programma voor het onderwijs

Met de One Planet Tour (geschikt voor groep 7 en 8, VO onderbouw en VO bovenbouw) ontdekken leerlingen zelf of in kleine groepen de zeventien Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen. Ze maken verschillende soorten opdrachten bij deze doelen, waarbij ze alle elementen van de opstellingen gebruiken. Ze leren inhoudelijk over de doelen van de Verenigde Naties, ze ontdekken wat ze er zelf aan kunnen bijdragen en welke onderwerpen zij zelf belangrijk vinden.

Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen

Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen

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