Exhibition | Fri 21 Dec 2018 - Sun 16 Jun 2019

National Geographic

The Art of Wildlife Photography

You would almost forget that many animals we have never seen with our own eyes, but we only know them thanks to the work of wildlife photographers!

In the photo exhibition National Geographic - the Art of Wildlife Photography, you'll see impressive nature photos and discover the stories behind the camera. As easy as we take and share thousands of photos with our smartphones now, so difficult was it for the pioneers of photography! The weight, size and technical limitations of the first cameras made taking photos in isolated nature reserves a real expedition. In the exhibition you will not only see beautiful nature photos, but you will also learn more about the photographer and how he or she worked. You will discover that nature photography is a form of art. National Geographic - the Art of Wildlife Photography is about the inspiring interaction between the makers and the people portrayed 'in the wild'.

This exhibition is part of the NatGeo Focus Gallery, the permanent photo exhibition of the Museon.

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