Plastic or Planet
Plastic or Planet

Exhibition | Thu 12 Mar 2020 - Sun 22 Nov 2020

National Geographic - Planet or Plastic

From March to the end of 2020, National Geographic - Planet or Plastic is the theme of the National Geographic photo exhibition. It shows a collection of journalistic photographs about the production of plastic, via its use until the stage of litter. Artistic photographs will also be on display, drawing attention to the scale and sad effects of our use of plastic. The exhibition also shows photographs of scientific research of the plastic problem and the search for solutions to the pollution of the oceans.

The images in the exhibition will make an unforgettable impression, inspire and encourage a more conscious handling of plastic waste. Come and see, for example, the pictures of the countless shops overloaded with plastic items, the golf surfer in the plastic soup or the picture of the tiny bit of plastic left over from two persons who live a zero-waste lifestyle. After two years they only had one jam jar full of uncleanable and compostable waste.

World Photography

For more than a quarter of a century, photography - in particular nature photography - has played an important role in the programming of the Museon. Under the name "World Photography" this has a permanent space in the museum and a permanent place in the programming. The photo exhibitions are in line with the museum's theme. For this purpose, we work together with National Geographic.

National Geographic Colors of the World will be shown in special 100 x 100 cm duratrans presentation panels with LED technology.

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