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Human and Animal Habitats

The Netherlands is very densely populated and nature is threatened. What solutions are there to preserve our biodiversity, but also Europe's biodiversity?

Animals need to move around constantly in search of food, partners and fresh habitat. It’s often hard for them to do that in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. The countryside is fragmented by urban development, roads, canals and fences. Wildlife areas are often like islands. Red deer in the Netherlands are unable to leave their nature reserves, so their natural pattern of migration is disrupted. Many badgers are killed on the roads. Bitterns have difficulty in accessing their nesting sites.
What can we do to improve the situation? We can stop recreational use of some areas of water or create new nature. We can also build ecoducts and wildlife tunnels to help link up isolated wildlife areas. The displays in this area of the Museon discuss these solutions.

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