Exhibition | Sun 7 Oct 2018 - Sun 3 Mar 2019

The Green Camera

Nature photography from Belgium and the Netherlands

Photo exhibition with the winners of the Green Camera 2018. More than 6000 images were submitted in nine different categories. Impressive landscapes, animals in action, colourful insects and artistic images. The exhibited photos form the top of Dutch nature photography.

Daan Schoonhoven, one of the initiators of the Green Camera, says about the exhibition: "The cliché is: an image says more than a thousand words... Expressive nature photos play an important role in strengthening the awareness that our nature is beautiful and special and therefore also something to be careful of. This thought has been my personal motivation to create the nature photography prize the Green Camera. In 2017 the prize was awarded for the first time..... The Netherlands has as many as 400,000 people who call themselves nature photographers! Many of them are not professionals, but their photographs are of a professional level. This deserves its own big photo prize".

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