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Coming and Going

200 years of newcomers, refugees and fortune seekers. Why do people come to the Netherlands? What do they think of this country? Immigrants tell us.

How did the Netherlands deal with the more than a million Belgian refugees who flooded into the country during World War I? Why did many Dutch people emigrate to the colonies? How did the first Chinese immigrants find their way in the Netherlands? How were Jewish refugees received in this country in the 1930s? And what was it like to be a repatriated Dutch citizen or a Moluccan arriving in the Netherlands after World War II? The answers to these questions can be found in the Museon’s Coming and Going presentation, which also casts light on subjects like the mass emigration of Dutch citizens to Australia after World War II and the reception of guest workers from Italy, Turkey and Morocco. The exhibition also explains why Surinamese and Antillean migrants came to the Netherlands. Another part of it is about refugees who have sought asylum in the Netherlands. There are heart-wrenching stories about people from faraway places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Argentina, Congo, Liberia and Mongolia. Some have been in the Netherlands for long enough to create new lives for themselves, while others have qualified more recently for a general amnesty.

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