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The Arab world

1001 tales about the Arab world.

The Tales of 1001 Nights are part of the core cultural heritage of the Arab world. They come from many different countries and have been passed on by travellers and strung together over time. At the heart of the presentation is Scheherazade’s bedchamber, where storytelling is elevated to an art form (and means of survival). Her stories feature many familiar and picturesque places and things from the Arab world. The exhibition uses one of the stories as a starting point for discussing these aspects and illustrates them with attractive objects.

Moroccan-Dutch writer Fouad Laroui is used as a present-day pendant to the storyteller Scheherazade. He appears on a number of monitors as a television journalist – a modern kind of storyteller – talking about current affairs in the Arab world. A story full of magic and real-life journalism are woven together with dozens of objects to convey a rich impression of a complex world.

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