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The world keeps changing and is becoming ever more complex. Continuing globalisation has increasingly connected societies, cultures and economies with each other. The climate is changing, and the world population is growing. The Museon offers educational programmes and exhibitions to show the various challenges facing mankind.

Museum of Culture and Science

The Museon is an eye-opener for visitors from all walks of life, all backgrounds, and all ages. On average, 200,000 visitors per year come to the museum, mostly as a family or in the form of a school group. The great variety of topics and the high amenity value make a visit to the Museon both educational and entertaining. We challenge visitors to discover the world and themselves. When you visit the museum, you make connections, gain knowledge, form your own opinions, and become inspired to contribute to a better world.

Museon Corporate Ambassador Club

The Museon believes in co-creation. Therefore, we enjoy working together with business and industry partners who can help us to realise future programmes. Your participation in the Museon Corporate Ambassador Club (MCA) is an investment in culture and education, aimed at keeping the earth liveable. Ambassadors donate at least €2000 in cash or in kind per year. As a member of the MCA, you can take advantage of exclusive opportunities and privileges for your employees and relations.


For the business association, we organise three events a year, always with a theme that relates to 'sustainability'. Past events included topics like sustainable food, the connection between education and the labour market, healthy drinking water, and inclusiveness. The next event, on Tuesday 19 March 2019, will centre around technology and nutrition.

Are you interested in attending an MCA event? Simply contact Miranda van Alphen to sign up.

Museon's Corporate Ambassadors

(January 2019)

Tineke van Nimwegen (Chair Corporate Ambassadors, Museon)
Karin van Rooyen (co-ordinator Corporate Ambassadors, Museon)
Peter de Haan (director, Museon)

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