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Colouring supplies

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Colour and cut a dino
Colouring picture Carboniferius

Coloring picture Carboniferous

During the Carboniferous, some 299 to 359 million years ago, it was very hot and humid on earth. The Netherlands was situated around the equator at that time, so here too it was a very different climate than it is today. Tropical swamp forests with many plants and large insects and amphibians emerged. There were even giant dragonflies with a wingspan of 70 centimeters! There were also a lot of ferns, which you can still encounter today. Find out what they look like on the internet and try to find one when you walk outside or in the garden.

kleurplaat Carboon

Download the colouring picture

Colour and cut a dino

Coloring pictures of an Archeopterix and a Pteranodon. Nobody knows what colors these animals really had. Colour them the way you think they looked!

Pteranodon Archeopterix

Download Pteranodon and Archeopterix

Dino egg

It's not just birds laying eggs! Surprise everyone with this dinosaur (a camarasaur) that hatch this egg.


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