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Dino Jaws - eat or be eaten

What did dinosaurs eat – and how do we know? Visitors are thrust into the world of dinosaur dining habits in this roaring spectacle of an exhibition. From the infamous flesh-eating T.rex to the plant munching Edmontosaurus , different dinosaurs ate different foods and often had unique ways of catching their dinner.

Life-size animatronic dinosaur heads, including the terrifying T.rex, show how the teeth and jaws move together to tear, grind and chew food. One half of their heads is open to reveal the bones at work inside, enabling visitors to get a close up look.

Exhibition content also incorporates intriguing fossil evidence, fun hands-on exhibits and fascinating scientific insights – revealing everything scientists now know about what and how dinosaurs ate.

Visitors can dig for virtual fossil evidence to discover what Baryonyx ate, plunge their hands into a huge poo to find traces of what Euoplocephalus munches on and discover the chilling theory about what the deadly Coelophysis had for dinner.

During DinoJaws we offer a lot of dino-activities for the whole family!

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DinoJaws will be shown until september 6th, 2015.


This exhibition is a collaboration with the Natural History Museum in London.


Natural History Museum London

Natural History Museum London


until 6 september 2015