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Dove of peace

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The dove and the olive branch are both symbols of peace. Olive trees grow slowly and flourish only if they are undisturbed for a long time. So places where there are lots of olive trees must have enjoyed peace for many years. This is probably why the Ancient Greeks used the olive branch as a symbol of peace.

The use of the dove as a symbol of peace probably goes back to the story of Noah’s ark, The Bible says that God punished the sins of mankind by sending a great flood. Only Noah and his family survived, thanks to the ark he had built. From his ark, Noah sent out a black raven and a white dove to see whether the water was receding. The dove returned with a fresh olive branch in its beak. Noah took this as a sign that God had made peace with mankind and the earth was becoming fruitful again. This story made the dove a symbol of peace, innocence and new beginnings. 


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