Plastic upcycling
Plastic upcycling

Craft for kids

Do you like to cut, glue, color and decorate? Then this is the right place for you!

Make a mini museum

A museum collects objects and tells stories about them. The Museon in The Hague has collected more than 300,000 objects! Stuffed animals, garments, musical instruments, old computers, fossils and lots and lots of stones! What do you collect? Turn your collection into your own mini-museum!

We are curious about your mini-museum! Send a photo to!


How to make your own mini museum

Dress up Ötzi

Colour Ötzi the Iceman, his clothes and tools.

Aankleed Ötzi

Download Dress up Ötzi

Make your own Ötzi-skeleton

Colour and cut this funny skeleton!

Ötzi Skelet

Download the Ötzi skeleton

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