Museon birthday party

Picture: Party Time!

Hiep Hiep Hoera! Ben je bijna jarig? Verras je vriendjes en vriendinnetjes met een feestje in het Museon tussen de dinosaurussen!!!!
Je schuift eerst aan bij de feestelijke verjaardagstafel voor een hapje en een drankje. De jarige zit natuurlijk op een speciale verjaardagstroon. Daarna kan je kiezen uit drie verschillende feestarrangementen. Wil je een lekker doe-feestje, meld je dan aan voor 'Speuren naar Dino's'. Houd je meer van knutselen, kies dan voor ‘Maak je eigen Dino’. Of ben je fan van techniek, en kies je voor “Techno Dino’.

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Having your birthday soon? Hip, hip, hurray! Surprise your friends with an invitation to a special party at Museon!!!!

You can choose between 4 different party arrangements.
-   MAGICAL COLOURS (€ 12,50 p.p., ages 5 to 7) 
-   Fun with Science (€ 12,50 p.p., ages 8 to 12)
-   Willie Wiggle Robot (€ 15,50 p.p., ages 8 to 12)

Do magic with colours… How can you do this? With paint, water, a centrifuge, paper and...? Exciting! Which colour do you get? Get startet in our colourful partyroom and put on a cool labcoat. Do the experiments and discover the magic of colours and make a wonderful piece of art. (ages 5 to 7, party for 8 children, € 12,50 p.p.)

Fun with Science!
Discover gravity, velocity, air, sound and chemical reactions by running experiments! Put on a cool labcoat and get started  in our colourful partyroom. With a little help of balloons, straws, confetti and … you are in charge in the lab! Are you the future scientist? (ages 8 to 12, party for 8-10 children, € 12,50 p.p.)

Willie Wiggle Robot
Do you think that insects are scary?! Then you have definitely never seen a Willie Wiggle Robot! This robot looks like an insect but is merrily skipping around. By making a electric circuit and connect everything in the right way your Willie Wiggle soon jumps through your bedroom. (ages 8 to 12, party for 8-12 children, € 15,50 p.p.)

 What do you get?

- Admission and visit to Museon for the whole day!
- Lemonade, sweets & a cake, or lemonade & salty crisps.
- Specially reserved birthday table (1,5 hours)
- Supervision by an 'edutainer' (1,5 hours)
- Activity: one to the 3 options (as above)


Wednesday 13.30-15.00 & 15.30-17.00 hrs
Saturday 11.00-12.30 & 14.00-15.30 hrs
(no bookings during school holidays)


  • Price:  € 12.50 / € 15.50 p.p. (2 adult companions free admission, extra adult companions pay the normal admission fee).
  • People with Museumkaart and Ooievaarspas and friends of Museon get a discount of € 4.00 per passholder (please indicate when booking). Other discounts are not valid for the birthday parties.
  • Minimum en maximum number of kids is mentioned at every arrangement.
  • At least 2 adult companions, at most 4 per party.
  • Cancellation: free up to 2 weeks for the planned date for the party. Without cancellation or in case of untimely cancellation, you will be charged € 50.-

For more information, please mail to:  or call 06-30838283 (Maxine van der Veer).


Please notice: on the streets around the Museon there are parking fees (€ 1,70/hour). Read more about parking.


Photo left Party Time!
Willie Wiggle Robot

Willie Wiggle Robot

Magical Colours

Magical Colours


wednesday & saturday (not during school holidays)