Kids | 1 Jul 2020 - 6 Sep 2020   on Wednesday & Sunday, 4 times a week during schoolholidays | Familiewerkplaats

Survival Training

Live like Ötzi and survive prehistory

Bears, poisonous berries, narrow mountain paths, snow avalanches! Ötzi had to be alert all the time. So he sure needed a little luck and his skills.
Do you have the skills to survive in prehistoric times? Test it in our Survival Training!
First make a cool pouch to put in a lucky charm or a flintstone. Then practice your survival skills. Learn how to shoot with bow and arrow. Test your senses. Build a hideout. Explore the tracks and more!

Dates and times:

During summerholiday, it will take place 4 times a week. You may finish your training until 30 minutes after closing time, but there will be no more walk-in anymore then.

July 5th - 16th tue, wed, thu 13:00-15:30 h &  sun 11.30-15.30  h
July 19th - Aug 30th tue, wed, thu, sun 11.30-15.30  h
extra on Aug 15th sat 11.30-15.30  h

Extra costs: € 2,50
Age: 4 years and older

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