Kids | Sun 28 Nov 2021   12:00 - 15:30 PM

Replay Surprise Studio

Bring old and broken toys and a good idea for your "surprise"!

Is your favourite or beloved toy broken, worn out, missing a part or just in need of a new look? Do not throw it away, take it to the Museon and see if you can give it a new life by upcycling it! Especially for today, you can make a new and cool surprise for your classmate or family member out of the mechanical and technical toys you brought along.

In the Replay Surprise lab you get the chance to do this together with makers who know about Mechanics, Robotics and Electronics. Will you make a technical surprise that can move and make sound?

RePLAY is about repairing things, taking them apart and putting something new together, about demolishing something and making something. If it is beyond repair, it can be made into a new toy or, in this case, into a surprise using parts from other broken toys.
During this activity you learn to decide whether something is valuable enough to repair or to say goodbye to it in a sustainable way by reusing and recycling parts of the toy. And of course it's all about fun!

TIP: In the museum shop you can also buy a nice present for your surprise.

For whom: 8 to 14 years (max. 8 participants at a time)
When: Sunday 28 November, 12:00-15:30 (stops at 16:00)

Bekijk hier vier korte filmpjes van de workshop:

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