second life for your toys
second life for your toys

Kids | 29 Nov 2020 - 29 Nov 2020   op 29 november en 10 januari


Refurbish and pimp your old, broken toys!

Is something damaged with your favorite or precious toys? Or is something missing: A puzzle piece or a handle that has broken off - or does it just need a new coat of paint? Don't throw it away, but take it to the Museon and perhaps we can give it a second life by recycling it!

So you can enjoy your toys for years to come or make a nice gift for someone else!

Ages: 8 -14 years (max. 12 participants at a time)
Fee: 2 Euro
When: (dates are subject to change)

wed 22 july 12.00-16.00 uur
sun 26 july 12.00-16.00 uur
wed 19 aug 12.00-16.00 uur
sun 23 aug 12.00-16.00 uur
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