Colours in nature
Colours in nature

Kids | 30 Jan 2020 - 30 Jan 2020  

Colors of the world

What's your favorite color? And what colour do you think belongs to cold, love or happiness? Why does forest rangers wear a green coat and road workers don't?

The photo exhibition National Geographic - Colors of the World shows the fascinating experience of colors in photography.
During our activity you will discover, for example, why a male duck has a different colour than the female duck or a young one. And why some insects have such bright colours.
Come and listen to stories about our colourful stuffed animals, let us know what your favourite colour is, work with surprising assignments and experiments and dress up in your favourite colour. So you can discover more about the meanings of colours in a fun way!

From the age of 6. Free with a Museon admission ticket.

December 28, 29, 30, January 2, 4
13:30-14:30 h.
January 3, 5
13:00-13:30 h.

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