Kids | 19 Apr 2019 - 1 Sep 2019   tuesday, wednesday, thursday, sunday (until September 1st)

Astronaut in training

Do you dream of becoming an astronaut?

Do you dream of becoming an astronaut? Then come to the SPACELAB and learn what it takes to be an astronaut!

How do you walk on the moon? How does it feel without gravity? How do you live in a spacecraft? And how do you carry out repairs with thick gloves on?

Complete all exercises and the training program! Who knows, maybe later you might circle around the Earth yourself, make a space walk, visit the moon or live on Mars. Ready for take off - see you in space!

For: age 4 and over
Extra fee: € 1.-
During the summer holidays, this activity is alternated with Bouw en lanceer een bruisraket

tuesday, wednesday, thursday, sunday (last day September 1st)
11:30-15:30 h (you can finish your training until 16:00 h)

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