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Kids | 20 Mar 2020 - 1 Jun 2020   At home!

Activities at home

Now that we are all at home, we are gathering a number of activities that you can do during this period. On the right side you can download the templates.

- Make an Ötzi skeleton
A colouring picture of Ötzi as a skeleton.

- Dress-up Ötzi
A colouring picture of Ötzi and his clothing and tools

- Colour and cut out a dino
Colour an Archeopterix or a Pteranodon. Nobody knows what colors these animals really had... So colour them the way you think they looked!

Dress-up Ötzi

Colouring picture of Ötzi, his clothes and tools.

Aankleed Ötzi


After colouring this picture, you can cut it out and make a skeleton!

Ötzi Skelet

Colour and cut a dino

Pictures of an Archeopteryx and Pteranodon. Nobody knows for sure, which colours this animals had. So give the the colours you think they had!

Pteranodon Archeopterix

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